A few updates later, Surviving Mars is quietly a much better game


We’ve diligently posted about DLC and similar gubbins for Surviving Mars, Haemimont and Paradox’s good-ish space colony management game, over the past few months, but one thing we’ve not done is dip a finger into its red soil to check whether or not it’s ready for new life to grow. Along with the DLC – most of it free – there’ve been a few major patches, which include trying to streamline the finickity interface, add more variety to the otherwise one-note geodesic domes and generally save us from falling into a black hole of needless micro-management. This month’s ‘Mysteries Supply Pack‘ free DLC having caught my eye, I though I’d quickly establish the grass roots of a new colony to see how it’s all doing.

“Quickly.” Hah.

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