Just Cause 4 wants you to kick up a storm


Just Cause has been described as Far Cry’s brash, dumb and lovable cousin. At least, that’s how John described it when he blew up all those statues in his Just Cause 3 review. Judging by what I saw at E3, the next outing isn’t so much “leaning in” to that reputation as it is diving into it headfirst with a grenade launcher in both hands. It’s got fighter jets, it’s got drones, it’s got jetskis, and it’s got 1000 square kilometres of South American fictionland frequented by twisting tornadoes on which to grapple with all of the above. The chaos conjurers at Avalanche Studios may as well have subtitled it Just Cause 4: Dumber ‘n’ Funner. (more…)

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