Overwatch’s Newest Hero Isn’t What You Expect

After much teasing and speculation, Blizzard has revealed the next hero for Overwatch. The brief teaser shows off a mechanized rolling ball of death, before out pops an adorable little hamster. He’s so cute! And deadly!

This reveal confirms the speculation that the next character would be another sentient animal, similar to Winston. Previous teases have seen his little apparent hamster ball rolling around in the background of other shots. It also seems to confirm that a Reddit user’s speculation was right on the money, having suggested that the next character would be Hammond the Hamster.

Blizzard hasn’t released details on Hammond, so we’re waiting to hear more about his exact power set, Ultimate, and class. A recent patch unified the Offense and Defense classes into one, called Damage, and sorted Symmetra into that role. Hammond may be a Damage class member too.

Meanwhile, we could be getting big changes to Sombra soon. Lead designer Geoff Goodman recently revealed some internal test changes to the character that could make a massive difference to her power level, if implemented throughout the full game.

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