Super Bomberman R Brings On David Hayter To Voice Snake Bombermen

A new patch for Super Bomberman R adds a sneaky new touch: Bomberman-inspired designs for some famous Metal Gear characters, including Solid Snake, Naked Snake, and Raiden, among others. And for authenticity, it even brings back the original voice to play him. The patch also introduces a host of new stages, accessories, and even a rule change.

The new Bombermen in version 2.1 include Solid Snake Bomber, Naked Snake Bomber, Raiden Bomber, Bill Bomber, Lance Bomber, Vic Viper Bomber, Ayako Katagiri Bomber, Episumaru Bomber, and Xavier Woods Bomber. It also adds accessories from the Metal Gear, Contra, Origami, and Cat series, along with three new stages. Original Snake voice actor David Hayter has been brought back to play these Snake-inspired iterations of Bomberman.

Hayter notably didn’t play Venom Snake in the most recent major MGS release, Metal Gear Solid 5. Instead, the part was played by 24 actor Keifer Sutherland. Hayter is still widely regarded as the voice of Snake, though, so bringing him on makes sense. He’s also playing the part in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The update also makes some changes to Grand Prix mode, adding Checkpoints. The tweak will has players fight over points that appear throughout the stage. Staying in the checkpoints for extended periods determines how many points you can earn.

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