AMD Navi: Everything we know so far about AMD’s next GPU, including release date, specs and potential price

AMD’s next-gen Navi GPUs have been a known quantity for a number of years now, but the number of concrete facts about them, such as their specs, release date and price, are still few and far between. With so much of the recent conversation around what’s next for gaming graphics cards being dominated by the will-they-won’t-they circus of Nvidia’s Turing cards, it’s easy to forget that Navi’s still in the running.

Still, despite numerous missed shows and AMD’s own silence on the subject, the shroud of mystery surrounding Navi is starting to become ever-so-slightly clearer with each passing month. There’s still a lot we don’t know about what AMD have up their sleeve, but to help you separate probably likely facts from clearly made-up fiction, I’ve put everything we know so far into one handy guide. Here’s everything we know so far about AMD’s next-gen Navi cards.


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