Fortnite Double XP Weekend Is Now Live

Epic has flipped the “Double XP” switch on Fortnite, letting you speed up your level grinding for the weekend. The bonus period ends on Monday, July 2. This season, as long as you own a Battle Pass, your level corresponds directly to some exclusive skin upgrades, so any boost is worth your while. You can earn the Carbide skin at level 40 and the Omega skin at level 55, but to make them light up all snazzy, you’ll need to hit 65 and the max cap of 80, respectively.

This comes just as Epic delayed the sandbox-style Playground mode and replaced the divisive Final Fight with the popular 50v50. The studio decided to disable the Final Fight mode due to negative fan feedback.

Meanwhile, it is continuing to tease Season 5, which is set to kick off on July 12. A mysterious countdown clock appears to be setting the stage for whatever is coming next season, and we recently began hearing an ominous wailing sound. That along with a warning in the game menu is fueling speculation that a missile launch is coming as soon as tomorrow (Saturday) morning. The last time Fortnite slowly teased a big in-world event, a comet struck Dusty Depot and turned it into a crater, renamed Dusty Divot. We have yet to find out what this seemingly imminent missile launch will do to the map.

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