Forza Horizon 4: IGN’s Real-Life Horizon Road Trip

The Forza Horizon series has been taking us around the globe since 2012. Colorado. Southern Europe. Australia. Now we’re going to Britain.

What do I think of when I think of Britain? Mary Poppins. Michael Caine. Moles?

I dunno; maybe that’s a little unfair. I mean, Australia and Britain aren’t really that different, culturally speaking. Yeah, we love fish and chips too, and we also drive on the left, and we have the same old lady on the back of our money. Sure, there are dissimilarities in the temperature we serve our beer and the amount of venom packed into our spiders, but the differences aren’t really as stark as I think we all like to pretend they are.

Geographically, though? That’s a different story. However, while I’ve been to Britain to visit developers a bunch of times over the past 15 years I still really haven’t seen that much of it in person. The places I’ve experienced are airports, motorways, and the inside of a few pubs. I’ve never really seen the Britain between all that.

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