Pillars of Eternity Director Would Rather Have the Constraints of Crowdfunding

For years, Obsidian Entertainment had long been one of the video game industry’s unluckiest studios. Between Sega canceling their role-playing game based on the Aliens franchise, Microsoft canceling the lofty “million-man raids” of Stormlands, or THQ folding shortly after acquiring the publishing rights for South Park: The Stick of Truth, publishers just weren’t looking like a good idea for the struggling team. Instead, Obsidian began to look towards the success of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter (which later became Broken Age), seeing it as a way for the team to make their pitch directly to fans of the studio’s work. In this month’s IGN Unfiltered, Pillars of Eternity director Josh Sawyer elaborates on how the change in the landscape of game publishing has impacted the studio, and how he prefers both the freedoms and limitations of crowdfunding.

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