Joker and Pennywise Try to Scare You in WB’s Horror Made Here

Warner Bros. Pictures announced the specially themed “dark mazes” for this year’s Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights studio tour – IT featuring Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and Arkham Asylum featuring The Joker and other infamous DC villains.

In this special Halloween backstage tour “where your fears come out to play,” Warner Bros. transforms its iconic backlot into an area filled with its scariest franchises. This year’s Horror Made Here will “host even more dark mazes, scare zones, horror-themed activities, and plenty of food and drinks available throughout our creepy carnival.”

Warner Bros. is known for its famous backlot tours at its Burbank studios, and the tradition of decking the area out for Halloween is expanding. In the IT-themed dark maze, Pennywise is lurking in the Neibolt house, awaiting the fear that feeds it, because “It knows what scares you.”

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