Beyond Episode 550: Our Favorite Games From Every PlayStation Generation

BEYOND! To celebrate Beyond’s latest milestone episode, Jonathon “Never Shuts Up About Kingdom Hearts” DornbushTina “Not a Meanie” AminiBarrett “Bam Bam” Courtney, and Tom “The Pie Man” Marks look back on their favorite games from every PlayStation home and handheld console.

(We’re not talking necessarily the best here, but the games that defined our memories of those systems.)

In addition to that walk down nostalgia lane, the panel runs down Fortnite’s Season 5 teases and where the mega-hit battle royale game can go from here, Nathan Drake’s surprising amount of luck, the reveal of Darksiders III’s release date and special editions, and who we’d want to see in a God of War Netflix series…even though one isn’t actually in the works.

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