We Played Cyberpunk 2020 With Its Creator

After having been thoroughly wowed by CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 demo at E3 2018, we’ve been eager to dive deeper into its dystopian sci-fi world. To that end, my fellow IGN tabletop fansĀ (read: huge nerds) Cassidee Moser and Casey DeFreitas decided to check out the pen-and-paper RPG on which it was based, Cyberpunk 2020. We were fortunate enough to have Mike Pondsmith (creator of Cyberpunk 2020/203X/RED) agree to lead the session, because who better to show off the world of Cyberpunk than the man behind it?

Character art by Cassidee Moser Character art and select musical tracks by Cassidee Moser and Eric Sapp

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