Quake Champions Is Now Free-to-Play, and Here’s What That Means

At today’s QuakeCon 2018 keynote, id Studio Director Tim Willits announced that the multiplayer PC shooter Quake Champions is going free-to-play. Quake Champions experimented with a free-to-play trial during E3 2018. Now, players will have long-term access to the game without paying a cent.

Players choosing to play Quake Champions for free gain access to standard matchmaking tools and a single Champion. Additional Champions may then be purchased with real-world currency. These unique characters each bring their own assortment of special abilities to the game. Purchasing the 29.99 Quake Champions pack unlocks access to all Champions now and in the future (on-sale on Steam for 19.79 until August 14). The Champions Pack also enables enhanced custom game setup options.

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