The Flare Path: Infinite Patience

Patience Scullion’s Patience Treasury (1942) might not be the most comprehensive collection of patience rules ever published but, for my money, it’s the best. What sets the volume apart is the way it’s structured. Miss Scullion curates with context and consumer in mind. There are chapters aimed at insomniacs, invalids, and expectant mothers. She lists game forms that play well on crowded trains, in prison cells, and “under bombardment”. Lost a beloved pet or adrift in a lifeboat? Take heart (or diamond, spade or club) the Patience Treasury has suggestions! Comrades and Barons, a solitaire variant I’ve been playing incessantly all week, can be found in Chapter XIX – ‘Games for Lonely History Teachers, Disillusioned Revolutionaries, and Jaded Wargamers’.


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