You can fight with For Honor’s Chinese warriors in an ‘open test’ next week, even if you don’t own the game

“It does not matter how slowly you go,” said Confucius, “so long as you do not stop adding stuff to For Honor.” It’s a good thing Ubisoft have always been keen followers of eastern philosophy. Despite its problems, they refused to stop working on the Vikings v Knights v Samurai brawler. We heard at E3 that the upcoming Marching Fire expansion will add four new fighters from China and a 4v4 “Breach” mode which sees players storming a castle. That isn’t due out until October 16 but Ubi have announced they’re having an “open test”. PC players will be able to impale each other with the new characters for free (plus breach some castle walls) from September 6-10. That includes folks who don’t already own the game.


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