Spelunky 2 Doesn’t Break the Formula of an Already Amazing Game

I got a chance to try out Spelunky 2 on the show floor of PAX West 2018, and it’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping for: More Spelunky.

The earlier levels I was able to play both solo and co-op don’t do much to radically change the formula of the first game, but it’s a formula that was already as close to perfectly tuned as you can potentially get. More of that is by no means a bad thing.

Watch the first gameplay video of Spelunky 2 here:

Spelunky 2 isn’t exactly the same, of course. There were a host of new enemies to fight, obstacles to avoid, and treasures to collect. I didn’t get far enough into its still brutally lethal depths to see things like the new mounts or the liquid physics we saw in its latest trailer, but there was still plenty of stuff I hadn’t seen before early on.

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