Streets of Rage 4 Is the Same Great Beat ‘Em Up With a Cool New Art Style

To play Streets of Rage 4 feels pretty much exactly like I hoped it would: Like playing Streets of Rage. While the beat ‘em up genre has seen a number of variations since Streets of Rage first hit the gaming streets, it felt wonderful for a few minutes to be transported back into the flow of one of my favorite Genesis games.

From the second I pushed forward on the D-Pad, Axel and Blaze moved, punched, kicked, and body slammed with the cadence and fury that I remembered. Axel could still grapple enemies and heave them over his head — always a satisfying take down — and Blaze could high kick foes like Nora and Big Ben into oblivion. It was easy to fall back into the rhythm of trapping foes into a flurry of punches only to lay down a massive kick and decimate a whole wave of them.

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