Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass will be free for a week after Battlefield 5’s open beta

Any battlefield is as good as another, once you’ve got the taste for blood. Sound reasoning for a generous giveaway next week, at least. Despite the full game’s delay, Battlefield 5‘s open beta is still scheduled for Thursday, September 6th (with early access for some tomorrow on the 4th), to run until September 11th.

Rather than leave players desperate for more soldiers to shoot post-beta, EA will be giving away Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass (which includes all expansions, plus a few perks) free for a week until September 18th. Grab it during the giveaway, keep it forever. It’s not quite the retroactive death of season passes I’ve wished for, but I’ll take it. Update: To clarify, the Premium Pass is a DLC Season Pass. Not the base game.


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