Dave Bautista Thinks a Drax Spinoff Should Happen, Even If It’s Without Him

Dave Bautista may not want to work with Disney again, but he still believes a Drax standalone movie should happen even if he doesn’t play the character.

Speaking to MTV International, Bautista discussed why he thinks the spinoff is a good idea, saying the film would explore the tragic backstory of Drax and his family, which Bautista says has been overlooked.

“You know, I really wish they would tell more of the story of Drax’s family,” Bautista said. “And I think it’s a beautiful story and I think it’s been lost and overlooked a little bit.

“It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking emotional thing to just know where that, you know, love for his family and that heartbreak over his family being lost and murdered, where it comes from.”

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