The accessibility-focused Xbox Adaptive Controller is out now and usable on PC

I don’t need the Xbox Adaptive Controller, but there are a lot of people who do. Designed to make games more accessible for all, it’s a customisable hub centred around a chunky pair of buttons and an oversized D-pad, designed to be used on any surface or even mounted. It’s bristling with ports to attach assistive switches or sticks to, and can be used in tandem with a regular gamepad.

Theoretically, it should open up a lot of doors to people who would otherwise struggle with or just be unable to use a regular gamepad, and thanks to input from the likes of AbleGamers, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation and others, it’s one of Microsoft’s cooler projects in recent years. It’s out now on Microsoft’s store worldwide, along with a first wave of official peripherals.


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