9 Questions About How the Purge Actually Works

On September 4, with a premiere set to be simulcast on both USA and Syfy, The Purge franchise heads to TV for a 10-episode series focusing on an all new cast of characters during the Purge’s 10th anniversary.

Some are out on the streets, desperately looking for loved ones, while others are tucked away in mansions, seemingly safe while surrounded by pro-Purge one-percenters. But all of them will come face to face with extraordinary horrors and atrocities.

With a drastic dystopian alt-universe concept like The Purge comes questions, however. Many questions. Concerns and queries that, perhaps, the movies don’t have time to answer. We’re hoping the TV show, with 10 hours of rampaging Purge-iness, will dig into some of these often-asked inquiries.

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