Get an Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of BoJack Horseman

Netflix’s BoJack Horseman has cemented itself as one of the best comedies – animated or live-action – of the past decade, thanks in large part to its meticulously detailed world and the fascinating design of its quirky characters.

Every scene is brimming with visual gags, ridiculous animal puns and Hollywood-skewering easter eggs, to the point where it’s impossible to catch them all in a single viewing – which is why a new book, BoJack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse, should appeal to fans of all stripes (and spots).

Now available in stores, The Art Before the Horse is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the show from its earliest stages all the way through to Season 4, combining oral history-style interviews from the cast and creative team with original concept art, storyboards, and backgrounds to offer an all-encompassing look at just how much work goes into making the series. The hardcover consists of 240 pages and 300 color illustrations, so you’re sure to notice plenty of hidden gems you might have missed while watching.

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