WWII live game For King and Country shows games and theatre are only getting closer

World War II, unsurprisingly, is a massive part of our collective history and imagination. So much media – games especially – allow us to place ourselves in that time. But this is also where I feel games show a lack of imagination. I’m self aware enough to know that I’d not have done very well on a French beach or in a German ditch, holding an incredibly unreliable gun. I would not survive Battlefield V. When I imagine my own idealised participation to the conflict, I’m a general or politician in the war room.

We don’t see too much of this in the modern gaming landscape; yes you get to move soldiers about in RTS, but I somehow doubt that that’s exactly how actual generalling works. These are things that are hard to simulate in the style of modern games, particularly the big budget blockbusters – but games are getting there, with a bit of help from theatre kids.


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