Massive Skyrim mod Enderal: The Shards of Order will re-launch on Steam

Enderal: The Shards Of Order by SureAI is arguably the most impressive thing to come from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim‘s massive mod scene. While it may use Skyrim’s engine, it uses it to tell its own story in a new world, fully voiced and expertly produced.  If there was any mod worthy of a high-profile release on Steam alongside Skyrim itself, it’d be Enderal. And that’s what’s happening.

While there’s some precedent for it (Skyrim Scipt Extender, a mod prerequisite, is available on Steam), Enderal is the first slab of game content to escape the Steam Workshop and establish its own store page. While there’s no date set for it yet, SureAI hope to release Enderal with its upcoming expansion on Steam soon, although you can get it direct from SureAI now.


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