Some Nice Steam Discounts In This Week’s Sale

If you’re looking to save some cash on PC games, you don’t have to look far. On any given day, you can find some digital game distributor offering sales and discounts on games you probably want to play. Steam itself has a list of week-long deals it refreshes every Tuesday. This week’s new discounts are live, so let’s take a look at what’s on offer between now and September 10.

Anyone looking to spend several hundred hours fighting monsters on a freelance basis can pick up the entire Witcher series for cheap. All of the games can be purchased for less than $25 / £20–not a bad deal at all. For less fighting, you can pick up the mind-bending puzzle game The Witness for $20 / £15.

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Horror aficionados may be interested in Witch Hunt, which is on sale for $9 / £6.50. It’s a slow-paced game about–yes–hunting witches in a creepy, rural environment in the 1800s.

A number of other games are on sale for hardly any money at all. You can scoop up Dragon Age: Origins or Spore for $3 / £2 each. The video interrogation game Her Story is down to $5 / £4, while the action RPG Grim Dawn is $6 / £5.

You’ll find more of the sale’s highlights below, or you can view the whole long list of discounted Steam games here.

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