This Xbox One Backwards Compatible Game Sale Is Massive

In addition to its regular weekly sale on Xbox One games, Microsoft’s digital store is running an enormous sale on backward compatible games. Between now and September 10, you can find some fantastic deals on some of the best games the Xbox 360 has to offer–and you can play them all on Xbox One. We’ve combed through the deals and picked out some of the highlights below.

Let’s kick things off with Red Dead Redemption, which is on sale for $10 / £8. As you’ve probably heard, it’s getting a sequel–really a prequel–on October 26 that promises to set up many of the events of the original game. What better way to prepare for Red Dead Redemption 2 than by picking up the original on sale and playing through it? Several other Rockstar games are on sale as well, including Grand Theft Auto IV ($7 / £6) and Bully: Scholarship Edition ($6 / £5).

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Many other major series from the 360 era got discounts. You can pick up any of the BioShock or Borderlands games for under $10 / £8 each. The entire Dead Space trilogy can be yours for less than $15 / £14. And anyone looking to sink their teeth into a meaty RPG can grab Dragon Age: Origins for $4 / £4 or Dragon Age 2 for $8 / £6.

Some of the standalone highlights include the compelling, narrative-driven puzzle game Catherine for $5 / £5, the classic platformer Sonic CD for $3 / £2, and the surprisingly deep meditation on the nature of war, Spec Ops: The Line, for $6 / £4.

These are all fantastic games, and it’s convenient you can play them now without having to dust off your old console. You can find more of our picks below, or check out the full list of backward compatible games on sale here.

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