[Last Chance] Week’s Best Xbox One And PS4 Deals At GameStop (US Only)

It’s a new week over in GameStop world, the only world in which weeks begin on Wednesdays. That means the gaming retailer has dropped prices on a new batch of PS4 and Xbox One games and hardware (sorry, no Switch deals this week). What kinds of deals are we talking about? Let’s take a look at the best discounts available at GameStop between now and September 12.

The list of games on sale this week is a short one, but you might find something that interests you. You can prepare for the upcoming launch of Fallout 76 by picking up Fallout 4: GotY Edition for just $30. If you like your shooters to focus more on a single narrative, you can grab Wolfenstein II for $20. Fans of anime are well served this week, with discounts on Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (both $30), and New Gundam Breaker ($40).

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A handful of other deals are also available this week. If you trade in select games, you’ll get $20 guaranteed to put toward the pre-order or purchase of any new game. Speaking of new games (or at least new content), if you pick up Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection, you’ll get a free pack of Forsaken Baron playing cards.

Anyone in need of a quality accessories can save $15 on Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headsets, bringing the price down to $85. If you need some extra storage space for your console, you can save $10 off a Seagate Game Drive. And trading in select accessories like controllers, headsets, and hard drives nets you 25% extra credit.

That’s it for this week’s deals at GameStop. For more of the week’s video game sales, you can check out the weekly sales at the PlayStation Store, the Microsoft Store, and Best Buy.

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