6 Reasons Starlink: Battle for Atlas Could Be Space-Based Fun for Everyone

Starlink: Battle for Atlas raised more than a few eyebrows when it was announced at E3 2017, at a time when the toys-to-life genre was winding down and the conceptually similar No Man’s Sky still hadn’t completely course corrected after its underwhelming launch the year before. Yet after spending some recent hands on time with the game and its fantastic suite of plastic accessories, and chatting to key members of the Ubisoft Toronto team, I feel optimistic that Starlink: Battle for Atlas could be a spectacular space saga. Here are six reasons why it could be a success.

Starlink is much smaller in scale than No Man’s Sky. Whereas Hello Games’ interstellar survival game features more planets than any one player could possibly explore in a lifetime, Starlink features just seven planets for players to touch down on. Yet while Starlink might not have nearly as many places to visit, it seems to do a better job of giving each world a sense of place and unique characteristics, making exploration of them a more interesting and dynamic affair.

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