Destiny 2’s Exclusives For PS4 Now Available On Xbox One And PC

When Destiny 2 released, it brought with it a bunch of content for PS4 only, and that offering continued to grow over the release of its two expansions Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Now, with the arrival of its third expansion Forsaken, Bungie has released a update that unlocks all previous PS4-exclusives for players on Xbox One and PC.

The original game came with an exclusive Exotic sniper rifle, called Borealis. There were also exclusive armor sets for Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters, and an exclusive ship, the City Apex, all of which Xbox One and PC players can now access. A previously PS4-exclusive Strike, called Lake of Shadows, can now be found for all players in the European Dead Zone.

Destiny 2 also came with a PS4-exclusive Crucible map, called Retribution. In Curse of Osiris, another exclusive Crucible map, Wormhaven (set in the New Pacific Arcology), was added, and Warmind brought another exclusive Strike called The Insight Terminus. All of these have also now been opened up on other platforms.

Continuing the tradition, Destiny 2’s latest expansion comes with a bunch of Forsaken PS4-exclusive content with a similar timeline; PS4 players get it now, but it will be “at least” Fall 2019 before Xbox One and PC players get it. If you buy Forsaken on PS4, you’ll get a new armor set for each class, an Exotic weapon, a ship, and a Strike.

Between the latest update the the launch of Forsaken, a lot has suddenly changed in Destiny 2. The level cap is now 50 for Forsaken owners, and Year 2 weapons will come with random perks (like in the original Destiny). The mod system has also been reworked; all existing mods have been depreciated and new ones have been introduced. For more details, here’s everything new in Forsaken, and check out our gallery of all the new Exotic weapons and armor so far.

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