Tons Of Cheap Steam Games In The Humble Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale has come and gone, but there are many other online sellers of Steam codes, including the Humble Store. The people at Humble waited for the waning days of the season to kick off their summer sale, but it’s in swing between now and September 13. Tons of games are on sale from publishers of all sorts, including Bethesda, Rockstar, Capcom, Activision, Square Enix, and lots more. Let’s take a look at some of the best deals in the sale.

All the completists out there can pick up the Grand Theft Auto Collection for $15. It contains GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4, and Episodes from Liberty City. Those games can be purchased individually at discounted rates as well. If you want to toss Grand Theft Auto V on the pile, you can do so for an additional $20. And anyone looking to get started in GTA Online can pick up the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for $20.

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Lots of other big games are on sale as well, including the entire Call of Duty franchise, with last year’s WWII down to $36 and Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Edition discounted to $45. Fallout 4 is going for $15, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is just $20.

It’s not just big games you can save cash on. Plenty of noteworthy indie titles are on sale as well, including Hollow Knight, which just got a nice free expansion, for $10. Rise of Industry is an early-access tycoon game that puts you in charge of factories and supply chains at the dawn of the 20th Century; it’s on sale for $19. Planet Coaster, a game that lets you design theme parks, is on sale for $20.

With the sheer number of games on sale, you can almost certainly find a great deal on a game you want to play, regardless of what genres you’re into. You’ll find more of our picks below, and you can hit up the Humble Store for the full list of deals. Just make sure to make your purchases before the sale ends September 13.

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