Fortnite: Week 9 Secret Road Trip Banner Location (Season 5)

Week 9’s challenges are now available in Fortnite, bringing us another week closer to the end of Season 5. As usual, there are seven new tasks to take on, and if you manage to finish all of them, you’ll complete another Road Trip challenge and unlock a special loading screen. This time, however, the reward is a little different.

While previous Road Trip loading screens would hide the location of a secret Battle Star, which would level your Battle Pass up by one tier when collected, Week 8 and 9’s screens point to the location of a free banner cosmetic. If you’ve kept up to date with all of the challenges in Season 5 up until now and complete the latest batch, you’ll unlock a loading screen that features a group of characters gathered around the mysterious purple cube that recently materialized.

If you look close enough, you can spot the silhouette of the banner on the rock face near the bridge located south of Shifty Shafts. Head to the area at the start of the match and you’ll find the banner floating in front of the cliff. Gather enough materials to build your way up to it and you’ll be able to collect it just as any other item.

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If you need a more detailed look at where to find the free banner, we’ve put together a video showing its exact location above. Like previous Road Trip rewards, however, you’ll only be able to find it if you’ve completed nine weeks’ worth of challenges and unlocked the corresponding loading screen; the banner won’t appear on the map unless you’ve completed all the previous steps.

Next week is the final one of Season 5, giving you only a little more time to complete this season’s challenges. If you need help with the latest set, we’ve got guides on visiting different stone heads and following the Shifty Shafts treasure map. You can also find guides for older challenges in our full Fortnite Season 5 challenge roundup.

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