Here’s What Iron Fist’s Season 2 Ending Could Mean for Season 3

This article contains spoilers for the Iron Fist Season 2 finale, titled “A Duel of Iron.” Read our review of Iron Fist Season 2 here.

Iron Fist completely upended its own mythology in the Season 2 finale, imbuing Colleen Wing with the titular power from the Heart of the Dragon after Davos was defeated, and sending Danny Rand and Ward Meachum on a quest to learn more about the history of the Iron Fist in Asia (and hopefully “find themselves” in the process).

When we caught up with them in Japan “months later,” Danny and Ward were attempting to track down the man who shipped the mummified corpse of a former Iron Fist to New York – a man named Orson Randall. Apparently, the duo had been searching for Orson everywhere from Hong Kong to Jakarta, where Danny apparently stole a couple of handguns with special powers from one of Orson’s shipments. When fired, the pistol’s glowing bullets were somehow able┬áto meet, merge and disintegrate a shot fired at Danny, as if controlled by his will.

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