Deviljho Comes To Monster Hunter World In First PC Update

With Monster Hunter: World out now on PC, it’s roster of monsters can finally grow. In the PC version’s first update, the Deviljho has entered the fray.

Among a number of other bug fixes, this first update includes the first Deviljho mission. The update also includes the Deviljho weapons and Vangis α and β armor sets. It will start invading six and seven-star missions, as well as high-rank missions once “??? Rathian” has been completed.

This update also includes a few other goodies. A specialized tool called the Dragonproof Mantle and a new DLC Astera 3 Star Chef Coat outfit for the handler. The handler’s outfit appears to be the only paid piece of this update.

For more details on this update about bugs and the rest of its fixes, head on over to the Steam page. For more on this monster-slaying title, check out our Monster Hunter: World hub.

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