Players Are in Love With Spider-Man PS4’s Photo Mode

Marvel’s Spider-Man has only been available on PS4 for a few days, but since its September 7 release date, fans have been capturing their time in Insomniac Games’ New York with a ton of polished photos.

I wrote last week about why Spider-Man’s photo mode is so great and specific to the Spidey experience, and since then, players have taken the mode to new heights. (You can see a bit of the IGN team’s ingenuity with the mode in the gallery below – some light spoilers will follow.

Fans, Marvel Games, and members of the Insomniac Games have been celebrating player creations with the mode all weekend. And the outpouring of creative photos has even lead Spider-Man’s lead character artist Gavin Goulden to compile a Twitter moment cataloguing all of the photos fans are sharing. We’ve compiled some of our favorites below — some spoilers may follow.ˆ

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