Lethal League Blaze strikes out in October, with Jet Set Radio vibes

Baseball biffer Lethal League is getting a sequel. “Wait,” you say, “that’s not news, Brendan.” Yes yes, but listen. “No,” you say. “We already knew that Lethal League Blaze, another baseball-themed fighting game in which players bat around an increasingly superfast ball, was being made by developers Team Reptile. Look, it’s right here – Lethal League gets a sequel.” Um, yes, I know. But look – “Oh, let me guess,” you say. “They’ve shown what it looks like now? They’ve given you a trailer of the new 3D art style, have they?” I mean, yes bu– “And it’s being released in October I bet.” How did you – “And now you expect us to go and look at this video, I suppose, after the break?” Uh, yeah, that was the — “Ugh. You’re so predictable, Brendan.” Sorry. “Get out of the way, you’re blocking the trailer.”

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