Too Much TV Will Lead to an Industry ‘Hangover,’ Says FX Boss

For one network executive, the potential pitfalls of too much TV is a very real threat to the industry, with several major entertainment companies willing to spend billions of dollars on hundreds of hours of original programming to attract new viewers.

In a recent conversation on Variety’s weekly podcast, FX Networks’ CEO John Landgraf pointed out that there are currently four major players in the digital streaming market, “Netflix, Amazon, Disney in its future iteration (Disney Play), and AT&T-Time Warner,” Landgraf explained.

Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, launching in Q4 of 2019, is hoping it can make a splash in this highly competitive race. There will be an uphill climb, however, for any new competitor, no matter how much money the company may have, with Netflix alone planning to release over 700 new series by the end of 2018. And don’t forget about Apple. The tech giant is developing its own unique lineup. Check out the full list in the slideshow below.

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