Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Adds Fast Collapse Event And Other Changes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s private Blackout beta rolls on for PS4, and developer Treyarch continues to make tweaks and adjustments to the mode each day. The studio has shared another post on Reddit outlining a new list of changes it’s made to Blackout, including the addition of Blackout’s first event playlist, Fast Collapse.

As its name implies, Fast Collapse is a faster-paced version of the battle royale mode. As Treyarch explained on Reddit: “The play space is constrained at almost double the speed as the base game. Scavenge fast and get on the move towards the safe area or you’ll be caught on the wrong side of a nightmare.”

Fast Collapse is the first of three events the developer has planned for the Blackout beta, although it didn’t share any details yet on the other two. In addition to that, Treyarch has made numerous bug fixes and other gameplay adjustments based on player feedback. Most notably, the rate players can aim down the sights of the Koshka sniper rifle has been slowed, and Treyarch is addressing Zombies being able to attack from further away than intended. The studio also says it “continue[s] to slowly refine the quantity, frequency, and quality” of item drops.

Treyarch plans to roll out updates and adjustments to the Blackout beta each day it is available. Already, the developer has increased the beta player count from 80 to 88 and made other improvements, such as increasing the speed of item pickups and reducing the duration of the Sensor Dart, one of the various recon gadgets you can find.

The Blackout beta is currently only available on PS4, but it will expand to Xbox One and PC players who’ve pre-ordered Black Ops 4 on September 14. All other PC players who have a account will also be able to jump in beginning September 15.

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