It’s Robin. Vs. Robin–Dick Grayson Against Jason Todd–In New Titans Photos

Titans won’t premiere of a month, but the live-action Teen Titans adaptation is already doing something fans of DC Comics have never seen before. A pair of new images have been released, showing Robin squaring off against… Robin?

In the images, which were debuted on IGN, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) goes face-to-face with Jason Todd (Curran Walters), both vigilantes in their Robin costumes. It’s a battle of the Batman sidekicks and we couldn’t be more excited to see how it plays out.

If the trailer for Titans is any indication, Dick and Bruce Wayne’s relationship isn’t great. After all, a friend wouldn’t say, “F*** Batman,” right? With that in mind, we can only assume the meeting between the original Robin and his replacement will be chilly and filled with tension.

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While Dick will be a regular character on Titans, it’s unknown how often fans will see Jason. That said, it is this character’s first live-action appearance. Hopefully, it’s not a one-time thing.

Speaking to IGN, Titans showrunner Greg Walker teased the idea that Jason will be a very different kind of Robin, which is something that’s also true in the comics. “What I really love about [Jason] as a character is the unbridled sense of self that he has–there’s a lack of… maybe self-awareness, but for sure self-consciousness in terms of how he comports himself and how he moves through the world,” he said. “He’s completely seemingly unaffected by darkness–he kind of embraces it or walks right through it. He’s a breath of fresh air and that’s what I love about him, he’s got a punk rock, no-holds-barred attitude that’s massively unburdened. There’s a lot of energy that comes with that”

You can see the other image of Dick and Jason facing off over at IGN. Titans premieres on DC Universe on October 12. The streaming service itself launches on September 15. Make sure you check out our DC Universe review to see if it’s the right service for you.

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