New Destiny 2 Update Resolves Powerful Gear Bug Just In Time For Raid’s Launch

The launch of Destiny 2‘s Forsaken DLC was relatively smooth, all things considered, but it has suffered from a variety of nagging issues, some more serious than others. Those eager to get ready for the Raid were sidetracked by a weekly reset issue over the weekend, but Bungie has now released a new update that should resolve the matter–just in time for the Last Wish Raid.

Bungie’s patch notes for hotfix are relatively brief, as it primarily serves to rectify the aforementioned issue. Over the weekend, a weekly reset occurred that allowed players to begin earning more Powerful gear rewards (which should not have happened until Tuesday). However, these rewards were not dropping at the correct Power level, and the challenges were unavailable following Tuesday’s weekly reset. This effectively prevented players from progressing at the rate that’s needed to jump right into the Raid when it launches.

Over the past few days, Bungie said it was investigating the issue, and now hotfix gives affected players the opportunity to take part in weekly challenges that will pay out the correct rewards. If you completed these challenges over the weekend but did not receive new ones on Tuesday, you should now see them in the Director. With that fixed, you can resume getting Raid ready, which you can read more about in our leveling guide. We also have a guide to doing this week’s Ascendant Challenge, which pays out a Powerful reward.

Beyond this, the patch does fix two other issues. One prevents players from being able to receive free Masterwork Cores from the Drifter, while the other deals with a problem involving the reward for completing all Crucible weapon Triumphs.

You can see the full patch notes below. Be aware that some players, including some of us at GameSpot, have found that DLC locations are missing from the Director after installing the update. Thankfully, simply restarting the game or your system appears to rectify this.

The Last Wish Raid goes live on Friday, September 14, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There will inevitable be a race to finish it first, although due to a since-resolved bug, some players have already opened Raid chests and obtained their rewards.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where some Weekly Challenges were not resetting properly
    • Players who were impacted by this issue should now have their missing Challenges
  • Fixed an issue where players could earn Masterwork Cores at no cost through the Drifter
  • Fixed an issue where the reward for completing all available Crucible weapon triumphs was not properly available to all platforms

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