New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe For Nintendo Switch Announced

New Super Mario Bros. U, originally released for the Wii U, is coming to the Switch as New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. During the latest Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that four people will be able to play together as with the original. A couple of new characters are being made playable for the Switch version, however: Toadette and Nabbit.

Toadette joins the fun with the ability to transform into Peachette and float around stages. In total, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will have a 164 courses to platform through. This version will also include the New Super Luigi U expansion. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch from January 11, 2019.

New Super Mario Bros. U originally launched for Wii U in 2012 and was received well. “New Super Mario Bros. U is not a game that takes many risks, nor is it definitively the best 2D Mario title, but it’s certainly a contender,” said GameSpot’s Peter Brown.

“It’s consistently charming, often challenging, and an excellent illustration of that which makes Mario games so special. Nintendo seemingly recaptured traditional, distilled platforming, but also incorporated a newfound attention to modern gaming trends and expectations. It’s a challenging platformer, an excellent recreation of Mario’s best moments, and it’s the perfect way to kick-off Nintendo’s journey into HD.”

The game received an 8.5/10. You can find out more about the game and our verdict on it by reading the full New Super Mario Bros. U review. During the Nintendo Direct, a new entry in the Luigi’s Mansion was also revealed, though there was precious few details about it. All we know is that “Luigi’s Mansion 3″ isn’t final and that it’ll be available for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Watch the ongoing Nintendo Direct here to see everything Nintendo has in store for Nintendo 3DS and Switch owners. You can also keep an eye on GameSpot to read all the news from the event.

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