Nintendo Direct: Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coming To Nintendo Switch With 2019 Release

Nintendo has announced it is developing a third entry in the Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo Switch. The game made its debut at the very start of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, where a very short teaser was shown, along with a 2019 release date. The name, Luigi’s Mansion 3, was listed as a working title. No further details were provided about the game.

The last Luigi’s Mansion title was Dark Moon, which was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013. The game received a 6.5, with reviewer Carolyn Petit describing it as a”mostly pleasant game marred by the possibility of moments so frustrating, they threaten to overshadow the entire experience.”

She continued: “These missteps are all the more disappointing because the better elements of the game are so charming. You may still want to take up the PolterGust 5000 and explore these haunted houses, but be warned: the things lurking in these dark places aren’t likely to scare you, but they may well have you seeing red.” Read the full Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon review here.

As the name suggests, the Luigi’s Mansion games star Mario’s perpetually on edge brother as he attempts to rid an area of spooky inhabitants by sucking them up using a vacuum. He’s effectively a Ghost Buster, except always terrified of everything. The games are usually a mix of exploration, puzzle solving, and a tug of war against spooky poltergeists.

The first game in the series launched for the Nintendo Gamecube and a remake of this is coming to Nintendo 3DS. A mini-game themed around Luigi’s Mansion was also included in Nintendo Wii U launch title, Nintendo Land.

You can watch the ongoing Nintendo Direct here to see what else Nintendo has in store for us, and keep an eye on GameSpot to read all the news from the stream.

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