We Reveal Three New Shadowverse: Omen of the Ten Cards

The next Shadowverse set – Omen of the Ten – is launching at the end of September and I’m hugely excited. Why? Because the overall theme is quite dark and twisted, and it feels like developer Cygames is having heaps of fun with the gameplay concepts that come along with it.

Omen of the Ten, you see, refers to ten characters – each a legendary card in the set – each of which has a unique theme, often tied to their Omen number. The Omen of One, Mjerrabaine, for instance, is Shadowverse’s first card to promote singleton decks – i.e. decks with only one copy of each card (aside from Mjerrabaine himself in this case). Valnareik, Omen of Lust – the seventh Omen and a Bloodcraft legendary – has an ability that’s activated if your leader has taken damage at least seven times during the match. The ninth Omen, meanwhile, is Raio, Omen of Truth, a Runecraft legendary with a fanfare that spellboosts all the cards in your deck nine times. Woah!

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