There’s New Destiny 2: Forsaken Content For Everyone Now That The Raid Was Beaten

For some players, a new Raid in Destiny 2 is a non-event–the release of an activity that’s only for hardcore players. For others, it essentially is the game. Wherever you may stand on the matter, the recent launch of Forsaken’s Raid, Last Wish, is significant. While it took nearly a full day for the first team to complete it, that milestone marked the release of new content for all Forsaken players.

After Team Redeem were awarded the title of world’s first team to beat Last Wish, a number of changes happened for everyone. When first logging in after its completion, players now receive a notification (pictured below) titled Curse Unleashed. It states, “A team of six Guardians entered the heart of the Dreaming City and slew Riven of a Thousand Voices. They had no way of knowing that was exactly what Riven wanted…”

When you next head to the Dreaming City, you’ll also receive a brief cinematic with Petra offering up a similar, ominous sentiment (and she’ll be upset when you speak with her). It’s bad news from a story standpoint, but it’s actually great for players. In the Dreaming City, players can now find a brand-new Strike called The Corrupted that’s been unlocked;. It carries a recommended Power level of 500 and is described in-game as such: “Hunt down one of Queen Mara’s most trusted advisors and free her from Taken possession.” You can watch the full Strike above.

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That’s not all; for those who want to spice up the competitive side of the game, Gambit has gained a new map. This is now a part of the regular rotation; you can see it along with the Strike in the gallery above.

Additionally, The Drifter offers an additional weekly bounty. At least for the first post-Raid week, this is called On the Grind, and it requires you to earn points by doing various things in Gambit–secure kills, defeat enemy Guardians, and bank Motes. Complete that within a week of purchasing it, and you’ll earn Infamy points and, more importantly, a piece of Powerful gear.

Additionally, you can find a new weekly bounty offered by Petra in the Dreaming City. Broken Courier tasks you with completing a mission of the same name. Like the Gambit bounty, the reward here is Powerful gear, making it an essential task for those seeking to raise their Power level. This mission seems to lead to something else, though just what is unclear

It remains to be seen if further changes and additions could still be introduced, but we do know Bungie has extensive plans to continue rolling out new content over the next year. That will include free and paid content, ensuring everyone (or at least those who own the DLC) continue to have reason to check back in with the game. Next up: Iron Banner’s return on September 18.

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