Teddy Perkins Showed up to the Emmys and We’re Confused

At the 2018 Emmys, there was a surprise cameo in the form of one Teddy Perkins, from Season 2 of FX’s Atlanta.

Darius (Lakeith Stanfield), meets the eccentric recluse while looking to purchase a classic piano. Perkins’ strange appearance and mannerisms had many fans wondering who was underneath all of that makeup. Shortly after the episode aired, we learned that it was none other than series creator Donald Glover.

While we won’t spoil all of the crazy scenarios that Darius and Teddy get into in that particular episode, it appears that the strange character made his way to TV’s most prestigious night. Once again, social media is wondering who might be playing Teddy this time around. Is Donald reprising his role or is it someone new?

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