Could We Be Getting a Female Loki on the New MCU Show?

Spoilers follow for Avengers: Infinity War.

It appears that Loki’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t done. Even though he was the first of many major MCU characters to seemingly bite it in Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel apparently has big plans for the god of mischief in the years to come. This week word broke that Marvel is reportedly developing several MCU spin-off series for the upcoming Disney streaming service, with Loki and Scarlet Witch series named as two possibilities. Which raises the question:┬áDid Loki really die in Infinity War?

While we’re excited for all of these upcoming projects, Loki may well be the perfect candidate for a streaming series. That’s both because of his story so far in the MCU and the path this character has taken in Marvel’s comics over the past decade. Read on to learn more about why Loki truly deserves a series of his own.

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