Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition Bonuses Detailed

Devil May Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Edition includes a Mega Man-inspired Devil Breaker, among other things.

Devil May Cry 5 got a new trailer at TGS 2018, detailing new weapons for Dante and Nero, the reveal of the mysterious third playable character, V, and Capcom also detailed exclusive in-game items that players can look forward to with the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

Along with his sword and handguns, Dante is getting a new weapon in the form of the Cavaliere R; a bladed motorcycle that tears up demon faces, limbs, and anything else that’s silly enough to step into its path.

Nero’s new Devil Breakers were also unveiled, including a Mega Man-inspired Mega Buster, which really deserves its own trailer. And it has one! Check it out below.

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