Fortnite Event Sees The Cube Sink Into Loot Lake, Turning It Purple Before Season 6

With Season 6 of Battle Royale on the horizon, the saga of the mysterious cube in Fortnite has seemingly reached its final conclusion (for now). The object first appeared earlier this season following a lightning strike, and it’s now made its way to Loot Lake. Once there, it either sank or melt into the water–whatever the particulars, its move has altered the makeup of the entire area.

As shown in the video below, the slow march of the cube saw its next roll send it into the lake. It begins to emanate a sort of purple shroud into the nearby water, and after a brief moment where it seems as if it may float, it instead slowly sinks (or melts). As this happens, Loot Lake begins to turn purple, and it now has the same bounce properties the cube itself did.

The slow descent of the cube–perhaps the last time we’ll see it–is capped off with some ominous music but no Terminator-style thumbs up, which just seems rude after all the time we’ve spent following it.

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So what’s next? Players have theorized where things might be headed, and it seems clear that the cube is somehow tied to the incoming Season 6. As of yet, though, it’s unclear what will definitely happen. This pre-Season 6 rollout has been slower than that of Seasons 4 and 5, where it was clear that the comet would crash and anachronistic objects and areas would come through the rift, respectively.

We’ll of course continue to monitor what’s next and report back with any further developments. It seems as if Epic plans to continue evolving the island map, rather than introducing a new one, but it’s always possible it will throw a curveball and surprise everyone.

Season 5 officially ends on September 25. If Epic holds to the same release pattern as it has in the past, Season 6’s start date could come immediately after that.

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