Ghostbusters World Fixes Some of Pokemon Go’s Problems But Lacks Its Heart

A huge wave of nostalgia hits me when I think of Ghostbusters. Hearing the theme song or seeing the Ecto-1 immediately evokes memories of watching the original films and playing with Ghostbusters toys as a kid. But despite years of loving the franchise and many occasions of pretending to be a Ghostbuster on the playground, my fantasies never involved collecting teams of ghosts to battle against other Ghostbusters or walking through the city searching for spirits.

This is where Ghostbusters World, the upcoming free-to-play mobile game from publisher FourThirtyThree, finds itself in a precarious spot. Ghostbusters is absolutely a beloved franchise that’s ripe for a great game adaptation, but not one that necessarily lends itself to the gotta-catch-‘em-all mentality as easily as Pokemon.

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