How Venom’s Biggest Stunt Sequence Was Made

One of the biggest sequences from the Venom trailers sees Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock flying off a motorcycle into the air, seemingly to his death, before the symbiote inside him lashes out its tentacles and pulls him back to safety. IGN exclusively visited the set of Venom earlier this year to watch part of the elaborate stunt sequence be shot on the streets of San Francisco, seeing in real life just how much work goes into bringing such an action-packed scene to the big screen.

The motorcycle chase sequence is an important scene for the film because it sets up Eddie’s rational fear of Venom, but also shows his realization that the symbiote can protect him when he’s in danger. Spiro Razatos, Venom’s second unit director, told IGN, “This is the first time that Eddie finds out he has Venom in him. Obviously, he’s freaking out. He’s got drones that are blowing up all around him, he’s got SUVs that are trying to kill him, and he’s got Venom inside of him. So he’s trying to deal with this while he’s going at eighty miles an hour on a motorcycle through the traffic of San Francisco.”

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