Michael B. Jordan to Star in Film Based on Original Rainbow Six Novel

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six novel and prequel Without Remorse are coming to the big screen and will star Michael B. Jordan as protagonist John Clark, reports Variety.

Paramount Pictures will bring Without Remorse to the silver screen first and follow that with Rainbow Six. Jordan, along with Josh Appelbaum and Corrin Nemec, will serve as a producer for the adaptation. But Akiva Goldsman, who’s executive producing DC’s Titans TV series, will serve as the main producer on the films.

John Clark appeared in 17 of Clancy’s novels, usually as a secondary character in the Jack Ryan series. He was also portrayed onscreen by Willem Dafoe in 1994’s Clear and Present Danger, but Clark is the lead in Without Remorse, which explores his time serving as a Navy SEAL in the Vietnam War, and Rainbow Six, which follows a “blacker than black” multinational anti-terrorist task force.

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