Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee’s Pokemon Go Connectivity Further Detailed

As previously revealed, the upcoming Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee games for Nintendo Switch will feature connectivity with Pokemon Go. You’ll be able to send any Kanto Pokemon caught in the mobile game–including their Alolan variants–over to the Switch titles, where they can then be recaptured at the Go Park, a new facility that replaces the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City. The Pokemon Company has now shared more details on how this process will work.

According to the official Let’s Go website, the Go Park is actually comprised of 20 parks, each of which can house 50 Pokemon, meaning you can store up to 1,000 monsters total at the facility. To bring the Pokemon over, you’ll need to follow the onscreen prompts at the Go Park’s main desk to link your Switch game with Pokemon Go. However, this is a one-way process; any Pokemon you transfer to Let’s Go cannot be brought back to Pokemon Go. You also aren’t restricted to your own Pokemon Go account; The Pokemon Company says there’s “no limit” to the number of accounts you can transfer monsters from.

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Once the Pokemon have been brought over to the Go Park, you’ll be able to capture them again and add them to your party. If you transfer 25 of the same species of Pokemon to the Go Park, you can also play a minigame in its Play Yard, which will involve leading all of the Pokemon to the goal before time expires. If you beat the minigame, you’ll be rewarded with various Candies. As in Pokemon Go, you can feed these to your Pokemon to power them up. However, in Let’s Go, there are stat-specific Candies in addition to some species-specific ones; for instance, feed your Pokemon a Quick Candy and its Speed stat will increase. You’ll also earn Candies by sending Pokemon to Professor Oak.

The aforementioned Alolan forms won’t be readily available in the wild in Let’s Go, so the easiest way to get them is to transfer the ones that you’ve obtained in Pokemon Go. If you haven’t gotten your hands on any in the mobile game, however, there will still be a way to obtain them in Let’s Go. According to the games’ website, you’ll be able to trade for the Alolan forms with certain NPC trainers around the Kanto region.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee launch for Nintendo Switch on November 16. The games will release alongside a Poke Ball-shaped controller called the Poke Ball Plus. It retails for $50 and comes with the Mythical Pokemon Mew. If you want to pick up everything in one handy package, Nintendo is also releasing Pikachu and Eevee-themed Switch consoles on November 16.

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